For the window of time

Slowly I watch what my body does, slowly I move against the season, spring all her hard rain and cold north winds. Same pace slowly and silently I move with the wild medicines to note, I learn and am tender with me as with my back yard.

In the morning there is oregano and paperwhites on the sill in a jar. My first appointment is a no call no show and I have room to write in my journal, read poems and write them too. I am blessed and kissed by this special day and give thanks for the window of time. The practical magic in this.

Anyways as to what I’ve been tending, what I’ve been thinking. The body feels, she needs. The spring cleanse this year what I am counting on is not what will be lifted only but shifted after Lent. A different way of thinking on what one is giving up? There is a flash of heat and it cooks in my hearth in a cast iron pan. I listen to you mama Earth back the dirt road back that glen~ this year so timely yes so timely it feels to give up the deep the ingrained to have faith in admonishment nahhh the unwrit impression, the deep habit of sightlessness cast out, that ol can’t see it must not be true rattle. That heel.

(She saves. She saves~) I see myself dancing on a mesa and have to laugh. Body of my body! It is Coachella season, again.

So it was only weeks ago that feel a whole age that first week of Spring. By what she said & what I see, what I am~I pray I pray amen

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