when i was young &

when i was young & first started talking to god i told it
i wanted to work in a rehab for my first real job, and was sure that’s what god would’ve wanted, and then it didn’t come through and i didn’t understand god didn’t want that for me
e x e m p tion, explai nation god for me is
listen go outside and listen
Life. God for me is Life. I talk to it. i don’t get it. it is so
massive and I so finite how could i possibly know more
than the ache that starts in my ear then to my throat and last my heart of what it is to hear

the cricket sound and cicada depth the frogs
this time of year, the long high shelf,

August. At the half
many years we have talked, me and Life, me to it the various stories
the religions and myths talking through me because of my body as long as i’ve known. last night i dream of Bridge, it tall and high, so high in the sky
there’s no ability to see down
when it’s all there is. Just looking down

first harvest tide is here and to god i sit
in wonder, in why not,
in what if,
in thanks & in stillness
& in talk,
first harvest tide is here and i re
member Timing,

& how life is bigger than us
with that~

is what is

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