Downtown, again

It is September, when my body draws me downtown again. When I crave the Ocean City where I came of age, of my childhood and wild years, the Ocean City where I first met my love. Now I come seeking that second season outbreath, my charged system heady and crunchy on arrival and aching to […]

Small love letter of thanks

There was a coffee shop in the hills of York County that took up the inside corner of a cluster of businesses. The buildings were grey and made to mimic old german facade, with the hardwood latticing and outlines that always make something in my soul strike. It changed hands, the corner coffee shop, and […]

Kitchn Witchn: Gram’s pot pie

Tonight I am going to write about practical kitchen magic. The lammas tide wraps behind us now and the starlitness of it twinkling the dark moon air. It is cousin Chelsea’s birthday on my mom’s side, daughter of my mom’s baby sister, and also Erika’s. This is the first year ever in all the years […]

About here, too

On the side steps between patients in the 2 o’clock sun the white yellow heat is hotter from the drought and that is real, it isn’t close to the sweltering mid-nineties like it was just weeks back but today feels hotter like that bone crunching California sun a line I read once, because the earth […]


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About Me

Deep animism studying & poetry. I’m a depth psychotherapist grateful recovering humanist living on the midatlantic seaboard on Pocomoke & Underground RR lands, on a sweet homestead with my four kids and love. Saltheaded. Hedgejumper. Mama Moon came for me a long time ago…

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my vow is: 
to remind us all 
to celebrate
there is no reason 
too desperate
no season
that is not
a Season of Song   
Diane diPrima

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