The Grand March

Kenna had awards banquet Wednesday night. She was a nominee for the faculty award, made the president’s academic excellence list, and will graduate in two weeks magna cum laude. After, the kids went home with their mom til the other side of the weekend, and next weekend is Memorial Day and they are going camping…

I spoke to the universe please make this so

The first weekend of the month was the Ocean City film festival and the fellow responsible for really getting that event moving finally was able to actually get John Waters here to our lil podunk part of the pond. At least that is what I heard about how it happened and so it was that…

Wild spaces. Chesapeake forests.

Some week in the later part of fall I cut a path into the forest about where the morning sun comes up, eastward. Most morning times leading up to the winter Solstice I find time to wander the woods, starting at that point. The path winds to the right and immediately through a second generation…

I am told to write to my Muse.

I wake up magic. Still smoke in my hair. First thought must get back to tent. It was 31 degrees out and windchills so it felt 20 on the night we first put in the stove, seasoned a week outdoors. Cast iron thick, and on an earthen tile floor. This is when Brigid gets in.…


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Deep animism studying & poetry. I’m a depth psychotherapist grateful recovering humanist living on the midatlantic seaboard on Pocomoke & Underground RR lands with my four kids and love. Saltheaded. Hedgejumper. Mama Moon came for me a long time ago… Check us out The Delmarva Free School.

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my vow is: 
to remind us all 
to celebrate
there is no reason 
too desperate
no season
that is not
a Season of Song   
Diane diPrima

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