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  • Small love letter of thanks

    There was a coffee shop in the hills of York County that took up the inside corner of a cluster of businesses. The buildings were grey and made to mimic old german facade, with the hardwood latticing and outlines that always make something in my soul strike. It changed hands, the corner coffee shop, and […]

  • Under this last week’s day moon sun

    As a kid for me the start of summer was always Memorial Day weekend because that was the first weekend we went to the beach every year. Like it really was startling to me, one of the openings in the field where I thought, ohh now I’m an adult, when I realized there were warm […]

  • And now I can say that.

    It’s the first time I’m going out to eat with Jott since I had the baby. She comes over to meet me at my parent’s house so she can love on bae g some before we go. Also there’s my folks and they and Jott get to love on each other, too. Pandemic between them […]