Tag: new moon

  • I am told to write to my Muse.

    I wake up magic. Still smoke in my hair. First thought must get back to tent. It was 31 degrees out and windchills so it felt 20 on the night we first put in the stove, seasoned a week outdoors. Cast iron thick, and on an earthen tile floor. This is when Brigid gets in. […]

  • Gratitude. At the onset of year 23.

    It’s like I wake up each day in a parallel universe the one where I am left wondering wait, where did that casual glory of day to day life handmade and well-worked (so damn hard for!) go, how the hell did I end up here? This is how it feels day after day, every day […]

  • Kitchn Witchn: Gram’s pot pie

    Tonight I am going to write about practical kitchen magic. The lammas tide wraps behind us now and the starlitness of it twinkling the dark moon air. It is cousin Chelsea’s birthday on my mom’s side, daughter of my mom’s baby sister, and also Erika’s. This is the first year ever in all the years […]