I spoke to the universe please make this so

The first weekend of the month was the Ocean City film festival and the fellow responsible for really getting that event moving finally was able to actually get John Waters here to our lil podunk part of the pond. At least that is what I heard about how it happened and so it was that I was able to see this man who was on my bucket list not 6 mos after I spoke to the universe please make this so. He was scheduled to be the Saturday night main event. In hindsight some part of me I don’t know had to have known he was near I think bc I’d been on the street in a pair of baby pink only for special occasion docs for a solid three months or more when I caught word he’s coming to town. And I mean what else could more honestly call to me home then those ol style punk rock boots. I pounced on tickets the moment I could.

He is utterly marvelous. I mean to say his genius quite literally marveled us. Mr. Fur the boo thing got us tickets last year to see Alison Krauss and Robert Plant and I do not believe it is an understatement to say we were so blown away by some parts of their duo performance that it felt nothing less than spiritual overall. We agreed Waters was the same thing.

Anyway that is my long-winded explanation of how it’s been, this energy of ahhhh yesss, a lonnng (long long ??) time it feels I’ve been waiting but I feel it, in parts it rushes and pushes yessss here comes spring. Today I started what will be about a total of 14 or so CEUs again this year in creative expression and the arts, the crossover with somatics I am so interested in with therapy. It refreshed me on every level. Shout out here to the Institute for therapy through the arts in Chicago I get so dang much from their trainings and general relational styles and approach. It is the second year in a row they are deeply informing my growth and filling my cup in my own personal and professional embodiment work.

We had to reschedule our event tomorrow due to rain and sorta extreme spring storms, in other work news. It is the second event I was so looking forward to that has had to be moved because of weather. So it always is here in this season and region I guess. We will move it to Sunday which is easy and I hope we still get a decent number of participants. I am eager to deepen my vision for nature therapy and contemplative retreat spaces with these events, styled as actions in accordance with the Faithful green leaders partnership with the Interfaith Partnership for the Chesapeake. It is right on time with what I have literally always said I would build. They are actually scheduled to visit the sight with a new set of possible partners very soon.

Today Ken the oldest said I love that smell in the summer when the rain is about to come on and woah did it tweak my heart when I heard her. Immediately my response, oh my gosh did you smell it for the first time today too? And of course yes, yea she did. Good lord how it ripens and also rings out the whole body all at once, makes you feel so damn good.

It felt good to share this with this kid. Almost an adult woman, almost done with school like I just had been the year I actually met her dad.

Working that carnival, down by the sea.

And last week one morning I came down to the yard from the back door and a balmy bit of breeze landed just right and for the first time since I’ve lived here I actually smelt the salt on the air here, in Wicomico county 20 miles almost directly east to the foot of the sea. The significance of this I cannot name. Other than the homesickness I feel at my parents place in the tall pines, that my body would actually feel when I would smell certain things, now I don’t have to feel that anymore because inland is still seaside, enough.

Some part of my soul is so settled since this happened, especially since, like I already said, it came moving along natural and over me as if sparkling to being on the lovely new about to fully be here cycles of tree breath…aligned exactly with the start of spring.

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